The Freedom Era Hub has been created to provide you with the essential tools for the successful growth of your Enagic business, regardless of where you are at on your journey. We are always encouraging you to embrace your leadership and take complete ownership of your business and The Freedom Era Hub empowers you to achieve that as every resource necessary to build your business is accessible with just a single click!

The DBS team consists of experienced sales representatives, contracted by The Freedom Era to take all discovery calls for those who have chosen to use this service. They undergo regular training to support you and your Enagic business growth. This section of the Hub is only accessible to our DBS team.

An Independent Advisor is a leader within the community that wishes to manage their own discovery calls and/or the calls of their team. They have undergone appropriate training provided by The Freedom Era to gain access to use our software allowing new members to book directly into the system from their dashboard.

Whether you’re just starting out with The Freedom Era or you’re a seasoned member with an established Enagic business, the Self Led Leaders section is for you if you wish to manage your own discovery calls and/or the calls of your team using your own software and systems. Inside this section you’ll have access to pricing, paperwork, sales scripts and other resources that will support you in building your business independently.