In this section, you will find everything you need as an Independent Advisor to effectively and efficiently take your calls, provide pricing and paperwork along with financing options for your members, as well as sales training and scripts for you to take your calls and uplevel your sales skills as an IA.


*Please ensure you’re studying and touching on everything listed in the complete sales call script, attached below. This breakdown is just to provide a more basic structure to follow while on the call*

  Connect and build rapport

“Where are you connecting in from?”

Find common ground and connection here.


 Go over the structure of the call

Today’s agenda is to really get clear on the vision you imagine with this business opportunity, then we will dive into the challenges that could come up & how to navigate them with ease, we’ll talk about the best financial option for you & how this business can integrate into your life with ease. If you decide it’s a fit I’ll go into the next steps of getting you started. Does this sound good to you?”


   Get clear on their vision

“I’d love to hear more about why you decided to dive in with this opportunity.”

“If you were able to have an income – and time and money weren’t an issue – what would your life look like?”


  Get curious and handle their objections and resistance

“Before diving into your next steps with moving forward, I’d love to hear if there are any obstacles you feel may stop you from moving forward – anything from logistics to fears you’ve having?”


  Get their Enagic commitment

“Is Enagic a company that aligns with you and you see yourself moving forward with?”


   Go over the Enagic prices

“Okay so now that we have addressed your questions & really worked out how this can be an integral part of your life & really work well with what you’re currently doing, let’s lay out the different options for getting started and financial commitment! Would you like my recommendations for moving forward?”

“Based off of the *goals you shared with me,* the best option for moving forward would be the Trifecta or Quad, so let’s start there!”

“What questions do you have for me to support you in making your decision now you know the best options we recommend for bringing your vision to life & what feels most aligned for you the quad or the trifecta?”


   Go over their financing options

“What most people in (Country) do for financing their Enagic products is (insert financing option details).” Does this sound like a good option for you?”

Ask some questions about their history to ensure they’ll have good probability of getting approved. Discuss partner’s ability to apply for the loan or co signers if needed.


   Close the deal

“Any other questions that I can answer for you? Do you feel you have clarity on the steps you’re taking to move forward with this?”

“So what I can do for you is I’ll send two separate emails – one will be with your Enagic next steps so you can see a breakdown of everything we spoke about from Enagic prices to your financing details.  The second email will have your Enagic forms. Directly after this call, you can fill those forms out so our processing team can begin to prepare your order for you, so by the time you have your funding, everything you need is already together and we can send it off to Enagic for you. Today I would also apply for your funding, so we can get this moving forward. Does that sound like something you can do?”


   Set expectation for follow up

“Amazing, we’ll stay connected in the Facebook Messenger group we have going. If you have any questions after this, feel free to pop those in the chat. I’ll message you in 2 days from now to see how your funding is going and if you’ve heard back from them yet.”


   Congratulate them

“(Name), I’m so excited for you! Congratulations. I’m here to support you and can’t wait to see you go out there and create your vision *enter vision here.*”