Call is booked and 3-way set up by sponsor (sponsor, DBS, & customer

  Drop in your personalized welcome video into 3-way chat

Call happens following the DBS sales script!

You MUST go through ALL financials and the cost breakdown of the products, trifecta and quad in the customers currency – on the call

You MUST NOT just flick them the link on email for paperwork and breakdown of costs and products without going through all of this with them on the call – 101!

You MUST go through the benefits of TFE and promote annual membership

If the customer is a YES, start the process over the phone using the customer info link ‘required info’ and complete details required.

If YES but needs financing, get the details & setup follow-up date (48hrs) via 3-way chat to ensure financing is all sorted.

TFE annual membership upgrade over the phone (take CC details and complete in real time)

If NO or not right now, upgrade the TFE annual membership and sell the vision of ‘getting started’ with education.

Place this customer on your ‘follow-up’ list and date in your calendar to circle back with them at a time you agreed in 1 week / 1 month etc.

Immediate Follow-up: (3 steps in immediate follow-up)

Immediate email follow-up and recap with all the details discussed including cost breakdowns, shipping, taxes and links to finance and e-paperwork, everything they need to get started (follow the email templates set up in GHL)

You MUST cc in the customers ‘sponsor’ and of course ‘DBSpaperwork processing’ on your follow-up email to customer 

Provide update and follow-up / recap of what was discussed on the call in 3-way chat – how the customer is getting started and how excited you are for them, whatever the outcome of call was (provides accountability for customer and update for sponsor)



We have our Digital Business Specialist Team Meetings every fortnight on a Tuesday to support the team, provide updates, and go through sales trainings. Please ensure as a DBS that you are on these calls every fortnight as they are mandatory.

Please ensure as a DBS that you are on these calls every week.

Tuesday @ 2pm AEST

Click here to join.


  • GHL – our daily software program for CRM. This is where you’ll take your calls, add notes for each customer, send emails, and track your numbers.


  • GHL – our scheduling management system, where you can create and change your schedule & book in new meetings.


  • The Hub – this will support you with all resources, trainings, and DBS support all in one place.


  • Slack – our Slack chat is where you can check into daily to ask any questions you have or gain any support as you’re in this role.


  • The Freedom Era Paperwork – this site is more so for the processing team, but this is how customers will fill out their Enagic forms.

Download the Close.io App to your computer

Click here and click the button “Download Close Here.”



How to setup phone numbers:

Phone numbers:

  • +61 – Australia
  • +64 – New Zealand
  • +1 – US & Canada
  • +44 – United Kingdom

Join our Slack Chat!

This is where our DBS Team communicates. You can ask questions and get support from the other DBS and also connect with our DBS Processing team.


You should get an email to your TFE email from one of our VAs with an invite to the chat. Please have a look out for this.

Your DBS Facebook Page

  • Create a new Facebook page and name it “DBS FirstName”
  • Add a profile photo of yourself
  • Add a cover photo with this provided DBS Cover Photo – click here to download it.

Three Way Chat Video

Create an introduction video of yourself, around 1 minute long, that is generic but personalized to you, introducing yourself and sharing your excitement to be their DBS and to support them. Also remind them to have the Discovery Process complete prior to the call.

This video will be what you send in the three way chats on Facebook that sponsors add you to with the new customer.

Click here for some examples.

The Process – Overview


  • Make sure you check your calendar 24 hours before to see all of your calls booked for the next day
  • Check your DBS Messenger chat on Facebook to ensure the sponsor has added you in to to a 3-way chat (If this has not been done, please send the below email (you can find in email templates also)


(YOUR NAME)  here from the Freedom Era. I know we have a call coming up together and I’m looking forward to supporting you with taking the next steps with this opportunity!

I can see you haven’t yet started/completed the discovery process and I want to ensure that going into our call this is completed, and that you know all about our highest converting offer.

Before our call, please make sure this is complete and watch this 20 minute video explaining the opportunity with Enagic.

Opportunity and Compensation Plan Breakdown:


Please also watch over the Trifecta and Quad strategy breakdown, which will really support you in getting started with Enagic in the best way possible! Then we will discuss this more in depth on the call.

Trifecta and Quad Breakdown:


Bring any questions you have and I look forward to connecting soon!

If you don’t feel like you can complete all of this before our call and you need to reschedule let me know 🙂 


  • You will then drop your welcome video in to the 3-way chat (please ensure you respond to all 3-way chats that are set up within 24 hours

  • You will go in to GHL, and click on the members name in your calendar to open up their profile and look through their Discovery Process answers BEFORE your call with them so you can get an idea of who they are and their goals, vision and pain points.

  • The call will then take place at the booked time. This will happen through the platform, so all you need to do, is click the ‘phone’ icon over on the top right hand side of the page, ensure you have selected the right country and area code to call from the drop down arrow, then copy and paste the members number you are about to call from their profile and hit dial. This will connect you to them and automatically record your call in the platform which the recording will be visible to you right after the call. This is always for compliance reasons.

  • Once the call is complete and the member has decided how they are going to start



Calculating Prices

Pre Call Process

  • Step #1: New customer joins The Freedom Era
  • Step #2: Customer books in a call with a DBS

  • Step #3: Sponsor creates 3 way group chat on Facebook with the new customer and yourself as DBS, introducing you both to each other and edifying you as the DBS
  • Step #4: You (DBS) send over your personalized introduction video in the 3 way chat

  • Step #5: Prior to the call, make sure to pull up their prices and finances options to go over this on the call, skim over their discovery process answers


Click here for the full call sales script to study and follow on calls.



Call Checklist:


  Connect and build rapport


  Go over the structure of the call


   Get clear on their vision


   Get curious and handle their objections and resistance


   Get their Enagic commitment


   Go over the Enagic prices

  • Give them the exact prices, including taxes and shipping. This should be pulled up from The Hub or pre calculated before going into the call.
  • Make sure to discuss Ukon payments every 4 months.
  • While going over Enagic prices, also go over The Freedom Era annual membership.


   Go over their financing options

  • Ask questions to see if the funding options you’re going over will be an option for them (they have the ability to be approved).


   Close the deal

  • Use and leverage The Freedom Era mentorship as their urgent offer. It is The Fast Track to Freedom Mentorship with some of our top leaders in the community. It is a mix of mindset and strategy trainings. It is 3.5 hours long. They have 10 days from the day of their call to qualify for the mentorship. 


   Set expectation for follow up


   Congratulate them

Post Call Process

   Update notes in Close for sponsor.


   Update opportunity in Close to “Call Completed.”


   Under Custom Fields, choose “Qualified for Mentorship” and choose the date, 10 days from the call date.


   Send “Your Enagic Next Steps” email

  • CC in sponsor AND dbssalesprocessing@thefreedomera.com


   Send “Your Enagic Forms” email

  • CC in sponsor AND dbssalesprocessing@thefreedomera.com


   Send a message in the 3 way group chat

  • If no group chat was created, fill out form below.
  • If no group chat was created, send “FOR SPONSOR” email to *sponsor* in Close.


   Set up follow up reminder for the customer – to check on the financing and Enagic – under the “Tasks” section.

Using Three Way Group Chats

Please ensure you are checking your FB Messenger chats on a daily basis and responding within 24 – 48 hours.


If a sponsor adds your personal FB page to the group chat, send a message in the chat, then click the group chat name and hit “Add.” Then Add your DBS Facebook page and then you can remove your personal FB page from the group chat,

Three Way Group Chat Is Not Set Up

24 + hours before, leave a note in Close.io asking the sponsor to put you in a 3 way chat with the customer.

After the call, if there was no group chat,

  • Fill out the “No Three Way Chat Tracker” on The Hub Homepage with the name of the sponsor and the customer.
  • Send the email template “FOR SPONSOR No Three Way – Call Completed” in Close to the *sponsor.*

If the call didn’t happen, 

  • Fill out the “No Three Way Chat Tracker” on The Hub Homepage with the name of the sponsor and the customer.
  • Send the email template “FOR SPONSOR No Three Way – Call Not Complete” in Close to the *sponsor.*

Weekend Rotating Roster

So that we can ensure that we as a DBS team can provide consistent availability, we follow a weekend rotating roster. This means that you are assigned to a weekend, generally about 1x/month. The requirement for this is to have 5 slots available on Saturday and 5 slots available on Sunday. Please reference the roster here.

Calls With Enagic Distributors

The DBS team does not take calls for new members of The Freedom Era that are already partnered with Enagic. You can see if a lead is already an Enagic distributor from their Discovery Process answers.


If you don’t see this within 24 hours, you can take the call – welcome them to the community and upsell to The Freedom Era annual membership.


If you are able to catch this or the sponsor reaches out to you to let you know 24+ hours before the call is scheduled, cancel the call so the slot can be rebooked by someone new and send over the email template “Already With Enagic.”

To access the in depth sales training program with Malaine, click here.